What do you find most challenging about your job?

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As a special education teacher, the greatest challenge for me is finding ways to help my students make progress and get the best outcome possible. It can be difficult to find creative strategies that work for each individual student and their unique circumstances.

At the same time, I'm constantly challenged by different teaching techniques, approaches, and materials that I'm learning about in order to effectively meet the needs of my students. This often leads me to try out new ideas that may not always end up being successful.

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However, one thing I love about this profession is that it's always growing and evolving as research brings us new insights every day regarding what works best for our students.

In terms of financial compensation, special education teachers earn an average annual wage of $59,780 according to BLS data from 2019. Salaries vary depending on level of experience as well as location across the country – so there’s definitely potential for growth within this field if you’re willing to stay motivated!

One of the most challenging aspects of being a special education teacher is striking a balance between providing individualized instruction to each student while also considering the needs of the group as a whole. Even though I usually focus on one student at a time, I have to remember that my actions impact all of my students and their development.

At times, this can be incredibly difficult when trying to create an atmosphere where everyone feels included and respected. It is important for me that each student has enough attention and resources in order to reach their academic goals. I always strive to ensure they are provided with whatever they need in order to succeed!

On top of all this, it can be tricky navigating through budgeting constraints - many teachers are aware that special education requires more financial investment than traditional classrooms do, yet it can still be difficult finding ways in which money can best serve our students' needs without breaking the bank or straining our resources too much. Ultimately though, we work hard so that every child receives an equal opportunity for success!

Finally, knowledge about current regulations pertaining to special education is incredibly significant because these rules change constantly - if any changes affect my job or how I handle any given situation with my students then it’s up to me as the professional educator responsible for them must stay ahead by learning new techniques or strategies that could potentially benefit them better. All in all , its important for us as educators not just understand what challenges come along with teaching but recognize how worth it those challenges really are – We get paid fairly well (the average salary for a special education teacher is $58k according USA Today) but more importantly we get rewarded knowing we make an impact on children's lives everyday!