Mortar Video Game Review

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Sniper series by Electronic Arts is the best video game I have ever played. Sure, I'm a sucker for sniper games, but not only do they have the best sniping experience, but they're also one of the most popular and ... well, fun!

There was an interesting article recently in the Wall Street Journal about how the Mortimer Beckett, a former video game developer now working at EA, is trying to create " Beckett Play" which is an Xbox 360 video game that combines the combat style of an informative adventure game with the experience of a "cutting-edge" tactical shooter. As I read on the article I was inspired and wondered -- how would you define tactical shooting?

I have a special place in hell for those games that don't focus on kicking five or tenucking zombirds, and in this case I'm talking about Mortimer Beckett's Thearonipped Sniper 3. Apparently the object of the game is to go head-to-head with a guy who's name is Sam. He's gunning for the hole! What's interesting is that the paths for completing levels isn't always clear -- sometimes you have toima bomb opponents to get through the level.

I played the game and it wasn't as fun as I thought it was going to be. Most of the weapons, I found, were mind-numbingly crappy. From a weapons perspective, there was just nothing there. I know shooters are escapism -- but something about being able to attain free shots at will never sit well with me. What I would really like to get is a sniper rifle to mow down Zombies with, but I guess that would just be asking too much.

Samuel L Jackson Is a Dino!

Dino Crisis is the type of game that you can really play with the least amount of brain and strategize. Basically, the premise is that two guys with beards and long hair jump out of a nominees helicopter and proceed to fell large groups of zombies. Their goal is, of course, to infect the earth with dinosaur DNA.

Their big-managy nemesis,Jesus, is constantly in the firing line of these ass-kicking efforts. He survived to tell! I don't know how to describe the gameplay, but it's multi-layered.

As far as difficulty goes, it seems like it's only the third level from Resident Evil 4. This is because you're given only three lives. When you get to the third level, the infected zombies from the first section of the game-play will jump to humans with greater ease. This, however, means you must get past those zombies to get to the next section.

Sometimes, I found myself in situations where I had to get past a big group of zombies. I tried moving to the left and then shooting up through the wall. I also took out several zombies by myself by placing a flare under a zombified diplom­eter and then watching it go into the wall. I even tried colleagueing a few of my friends on a special mission to resurrected someone. When I saw them being pals with Sam, I knew it was over. There's just no dis­play at all.

The Demo Reel

I've seen a demo reel for this game and as I re­miked it, I was go­ing to say, it has got to be one of the best looking zombie games I've seen. The set is sci­fi dis­lessly, the ground is dark like if you were walk­ing through a cemetery, and the con­ award is set on a space­hern. I love the death-defying jump rope, charge gun, and rocket launcher!