Draw a boyfriend for yourself (Situlanya)

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Qiaoyuan stepped forward quickly and raised his hammer to sweep. At the moment when an arm reaches down

Duoduo grew up in the Shen family. They were all orphans adopted by Shen's housekeeper. He supported them and sent them to school. When they grew up, some people left and others stayed. They almost watched Shen Linge grow up, and he was quiet and silent from an early age. When he was young, he sat alone in a tree and read books when others were running crazily in the courtyard. When he was older, he began to go to school. He was always the best one. He is calm and restrained, powerful enough to be invincible. In the first year of taking over Shen, he hardly went home. He stayed in the company every day and every night. Only when Song Mingxi forced him to rest, he would come back and rest for two days. As soon as Song Mingxi left, he would rush back to the company immediately. In fact, Shen Linge's success was not as easy as outsiders imagined. In the year when he graduated from university, his father Shen Rongsheng was in poor health and went abroad to have an operation to recuperate without telling Shen. Others thought that Shen Linge could not wait to replace Shen Rongsheng's position, but in fact Shen was tottering at that time. After Shen Rongsheng fell ill, Shen Linge smiled even less. It was not until Shen Rongsheng and Song Mingxi returned to China two years ago that he had a little smile on his face, but it was also very few. But in the past two days,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, Duoduo saw more smiles on Shen Linge's face than in the past year. He was never stingy with smiles and words in front of Wen Xian. They all felt happy from the bottom of their hearts. Duoduo chuckled, "Miss, sir, he is very happy to have you." Wen Xian blinked. For some reason, she felt her cheeks burning. She looked away and said,Sex Enhancement Powder, "I'm going to eat. I don't care whether he's happy or not." Duoduo bent her lips silently. Wen Xian and Shen's interview time is about 2:30 in the afternoon. It's only twelve o'clock now. She slipped into her room to sleep after dinner. Wen Xianxian followed her with short legs. Qiuqiu was already sleeping on all fours in her bed. Last night, she and Qiuqiu stayed up happily together. - Benoy。 Shen Linge sat in the car and waited while his assistant got out of the car and entered the building. But they failed to find Qin Zan here, where the staff said they did not know who Qin Zan was, presumably Qin Zan hid his identity very well, should only be known to the top. Shen Linge frowned and thought for a moment: "Go to Qin Shi." If he can't find anyone to go to the Qin family, he can only go to the Qin family in person. The Qin clan is far from Benoy, one in the north of the city and the other in the south of the city. During this period, the assistant offered to let Shen Linge go to dinner first, but Shen Linge refused. He was still looking at the email sent by Chi Yan about the relationship between Benoy and Qin Zan. Benoy was founded by Qin Zan in the name of his grandmother. In the past two years, they have occupied most of the technology market in Licheng. Many people were caught off guard and did not know where this unknown company came from. But they could not find anything when they went to investigate. They could only find out that it was a port city enterprise. Last year, Nonoxynol 9 Factory ,S Adenosyl Methionine, Benoy's sales have surpassed Qin's, which is why Qin Zan can completely let Qin Song go. Shen Linge looked intently at the information in his hand, he can not deny that Qin Zan is a very good businessman, his vision is precise, work efficiency is extremely high, and the means are tough. But he just likes to smell envy. Shen Linge faintly felt that his mood was not quite right, but he could not say what was wrong. When he saw the camera in the corridor on the Fairy that day, he knew that his identity could not be concealed from Qin Zan, but he could not reveal his identity in front of Wen Xian. Forty minutes later, Shen Linge arrived at the Qin Mansion. As soon as his car stopped, someone was waiting at the door, and the man's eyes fell precisely on the car he was riding in, with a clear goal. Shen Linge only took one look and knew that someone on Benoy's side had informed Qin Zan. Shen Linge did not bring an assistant, he entered the Qin family alone. When the elevator reached the 23rd floor, Qin Zan's assistant took him to a conference room, which was spacious and bright. Standing in front of the French window, he could see most of the south of the city. There is a lot of traffic below, and people gather in the business district. Shen Linge's eyes looked down lightly. When he came, he specially changed into a private high-set suit. Dark red made his face cold and strong. His hands were casually inserted in his pockets, and his slender legs were wrapped in stiff suit trousers. Qin Zan didn't let him wait long. When he heard the noise, Shen Linge turned to look. Qin Zan stood in the doorway and looked at him with an expressionless face, a little cold in his pale pupils, oppressive and aggressive, as if Shen Linge were a hunter who had broken into his territory. Shen Linge nodded slightly: "Shen Linge." Qin Zan closed the door with his backhand. He approached Shen Linge slowly and stopped three meters away from him. He raised his hand and loosened his bow tie, and the expression on his face remained unchanged: "Qin Zan." Shen Linge and Qin Zan looked at each other. Although they had never known each other before, they both knew what their purpose was to stand here today. It's because of Wen Xian. Shen Linge stared at him for a while and then looked away. He said in a faint voice, "General Manager Qin is in a high position in the Qin family and can still spare his mind to take care of another company. I think Mr. Qin Huai must be proud that he has such an excellent grandson." Qin Zan did not care about what he said, he only cared about Wen Xian. He pulled out a stool and sat down. "I heard that Xianxian lived in Huiwen Mountain yesterday. Do you know what was going on in the circle this morning?"? If you're not serious about her, I suggest you stay away from her. Shen Linge frowned. "What did you pass on?" He really did not understand the circle of Licheng, and he was not interested in those sensual pleasures and extravagance. Qin Zan looked straight at Shen Linge and said in a cold voice, "It is said that she broke off her engagement with Qin because she got rich and powerful gold.". Lord What did you say they were passing on? Qin Zan asked again, "Does she know your identity?" At that time,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, Wen Xian told him that the person she liked was just an ordinary person. When he saw Shen Linge on the boat, he immediately realized that Wen Xian didn't know Shen Linge's identity at all. Qin Zan pressed forward: "Why did you approach her?"? You like her, too? 。 pioneer-biotech.com